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We remain committed to you and working together to achieve your goals. Rest assured that all the voices and faces you've come to know and trust will still be here to respond to your needs.

The BTS team may continue to be reached at the existing BTS main phone number 919-781-2900. As well, we can all be reached via our existing email addresses.

This is a big win for our valued clients. With our combined teams we can now offer you expanded services and support, providing a true advisor for all your IT initiatives.

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Did you know that Lissa Johnsen, our President, was named to the ITA Board of Directors?

Business Technology Solutions Again Recognized by Accounting Technology as a Pacesetter. 












Business Insights Explorer

What version are you on? Call Janet to see if it is time to upgrade.









Does your spring cleaning plan include insuring antivirus software, firewalls, anti-spyware, browsers and operating systems are up-to-date and running properly?

Spring 2007 / Sage MAS 90 ERP, Sage MAS 200 ERP & Sage BusinessWorks Accounting

A special thanks to our clients for your continued business and trust in our services. We remain committed to continually finding ways to provide you with more information and services to help you achieve your goals.

With spring in the air many of us think about, and in some cases actually perform, the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Time to get the garage or storage space organized so you can get your hands on yard equipment. Might even mean you finally throw out those seeds you bought five years ago and never got around to planting. Could be you need to clean up a lawn mower and perform a little maintenance.

As you clean inside your house there is a fresh look and feel that matches the sense of renewal taking place in the environment. The appearance of flowers, the return of leaves to trees and brightly colored birds provide a refreshed look to the landscape. Likewise it might be time to take a fresh look at your company and how it operates.

Typically, when we implement new processes or systems our initial focus is on making the change with the intent of reviewing the implementation at a later date to fine-tune. Unfortunately, many of us never seem to get around to the fine-tuning. Often we are overcome by the events of day-to-day activities and never go through a “renewal” exercise. During training classes or visits with clients after suggesting an alternative method or use within a system we often hear, “I did not know it would do that!” This reminds us how easy it is to stick with what we know and are comfortable with.

In addition, the original ideas (or design points) of how to operate when the system was new might well have changed due to the company becoming more effective, new understandings, changes in the business climate and so forth. Periodic reviews of how a company operates are key to its continued growth and competitiveness. Too often we just never get around to it -- there is no specific due date, no explicit call to action and no “one thing” causing a focus of attention on renewal and growth.

This spring commit to looking at the critical components of your business to determine what changes and more effective methods should be implemented. Business Technology Solutions is here to help with your renewal effort. Both our Application System Review and Network Review services are targeted at helping you discover ways to operate more efficiently and profitably. Do not hesitate to contact myself or Janet to discuss how we can assist you.

Lissa Johnsen


Business Technology Solutions is a Proud Member of the Information Technology Alliance (ITA)  
What is the ITA?

The ITA is an independent, not for profit, professional association of leading firms and companies whose purpose is to share information and build relationships that improve the way its member firms, and their clients, do business. The membership roster consists of some of the most highly regarded mid-market technology professionals, consultants, and product/service providers in North America. To read more, click here.


Business Technology Solutions Named 2006 Pacesetter:  

Business Technology Solutions has been named as a Technology Pacesetter for the fifth year in a row by Accountants Media Group, the publishers of Accounting Technology, Accounting Today, Practical Accountant and WebCPA. Technology Pacesetters is one of the most distinguished awards for accounting software resellers. The publishers select from thousands of companies and Business Technology Solutions is one of only 100 other leading technology-focused companies named to this prestigious list.

The Technology Pacesetter award recognizes top organizations in the United States and Canada that have distinguished themselves through their performance. Factors that go into this selection include awards won by the organization, leadership, industry reputation, sales per employee and growth.
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Sage Software Products and Microsoft® Windows Vista™:  

For up-to-date information on compatibility and issues related to Sage Software Products and Microsoft® Windows Vista™ please logon to Sage Software

For Sage MAS 90 ERP and MAS 200 ERP, click here

For Sage BusinessWorks Accounting, click here

For Sage Abra HRMS, click here

For other Sage Software products please refer to the following page:

Gain Quick Access To Information With New Business Insights Explorer

If your organization has deployed Sage MAS 90 ERP as its business management software, you have the advantage of a rich feature set across more than 25 modules. Now, with the release of Sage MAS 90 Version 4.2, a new tool is included to make it fast and easy to locate the information you require—Business Insights Explorer. With Business Insights Explorer you can enhance productivity, customer service, and decision-making effectiveness across your organization—from personalized customer service to improved cash flow.

Let’s take a look at how your organization can benefit.

In The Spotlight:
Sage MAS 90 Version 4.2

With the Sage MAS 90 ERP Version 4.2, the Accounts Payable module receives its update to the new Business Framework architecture bringing speedy dual-grid data entry and other benefits. We cover the important benefits of the Business Framework on page three of this newsletter, and highlight Business Insights Explorer, a major component of 4.2, on page one.

Let’s take a look at the other significant new capabilities in the release.

Staying On Top Of Regulations With Sage Abra HRMS

If your organization is operating under the assumption that government regulations and reporting requirements are only for larger organizations, you could be non-compliant. Many regulations govern companies with as few as 15 employees, and some even apply to organizations with just one. Simply complying is not enough—your organization is required to maintain records that prove it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the many regulations impacting organizations of your size and show how Sage Abra HRMS provides the tools to help keep your company in compliance. To read more, click here.

Technology Services

Keeping with our spring cleaning and renewal theme we would like to make sure you are aware of the various levels of network reviews we offer, and the purpose for each. We feel that a periodic review of your company’s network is essential to insuring the health and sustainability of your computing environment. At a minimum (prior to any of our business solutions implementations / upgrades or offering of additional technology services) we believe it is a must to perform an assessment of a client’s computing hardware and network environment. To focus on your specific needs we offer a layered set of assessments. 

Application Network System Review:

The purpose of this review is to determine if the existing environment will support the applications to be implemented. We review your environment and provide a written summary of our findings including any recommendations relative to the support of the applications. Such recommendations may include a description of what is necessary to meet minimum application requirements, what would be preferred configurations for a higher level of satisfaction, what system parameters or security settings need to be implemented and potentially other very high level recommendations.   

Technology Evaluation:

The main purpose of this evaluation is to determine the effectiveness of your current network environment, provide solid recommendations for enhancing the environment and to assist you with developing a time phased plan for implementing changes you decide to make. The evaluation can become the foundation for the initiation of specific technology projects and/or for establishing an ongoing support arrangement with Business Technology Solutions. This evaluation can be incremental to a Network System Review or stands on its own when new applications are not entering the environment.

Technology Analysis:

This analysis is a deep dive into your network infrastructure, practices and design. As output you receive a more detailed set of evaluation information and recommendations supported by network diagrams, as well as an IT asset inventory. This analysis is intended to be the basis for an effective technology plan and control. You can move forward on your own with this information or engage our team to help you design a plan that will meet the goals you set.

For more information about how we accomplish this or to arrange a time when a member of the team can walk you through our process and explain the options contact Brian Poole at extension 29.



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