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SageCRM Marketing Power


SageCRM provides comprehensive marketing automation tools allowing you to gather detailed information about your prospects. You can use that information to launch personalized campaigns, track wins and losses associated with those campaigns, and much more. Let's take a closer look at the marketing functionality inherent in SageCRM and how it can help you meet your marketing goals.


Campaign Management

Ultimately, your marketing department's success is measured by the total number of leads generated, and by the quality and quantity of the prospects provided to your sales team. SageCRM helps you increase sales revenue by centralizing and streamlining all marketing tasks and by giving you the information you need to focus on the activities that provide the highest return.

SageCRM makes it easy to create, use, and analyze campaigns. You can create multiple campaigns, with each campaign consisting of any number of phases or waves. Each wave may then consist of several activities. Each activity is a task designed to help you achieve the campaign objective. Activities might consist of creating invitations automatically via a mail merge, making a telemarketing follow-up call, and creating and sending an e-mail blast. You may add new wave activities at any time during the campaign.

Here's an example of the Campaign, Wave and Activity relationship: your goal for a Campaign might be to get people to visit your booth at an upcoming trade show. A Wave of that Campaign could be generating awareness. The activities under the Wave of generating awareness may be adding a page to your Web site with conference information, sending e-mail or postcard invitations to prospects, and making follow-up phone calls about the upcoming trade show and your participation in it.

SageCRM includes several predefined wave activity types that have an associated workflow with each activity type. For example, the activities External Mail Merge and External Telesales display a workflow button for Create File for External Use. Clicking on the workflow button initiates the export of your target list to a spreadsheet that might then be sent to a mailing house or external telemarketing agency for processing. The Internal Telesales activity type includes a workflow button Schedule Telesales, allowing you to schedule calls for a select number of users.


Tracking Your Return

Ultimately, you want to know what kind of return on investment your campaign has delivered. With SageCRM you can track the sales that occur as a result of a specific campaign. You can analyze each campaign and its overall effectiveness using budget versus cost comparisons. In addition to the overall campaign budget, SageCRM allows you to establish a budget for each wave of the campaign, and track actual time spent and cost incurred by wave. For example, you can determine the number of individual pieces of collateral materials that were sent out, how much time was spent on a lead from initial contact to final sale, and how many different contacts it took to generate a sale.


Key Attribute Profiling

The better you know your customers and prospects, the more precisely you can target your message to their needs and tastes.

With SageCRM you can define the key attributes important to your business and then collect and store these details about your customers and prospects. SageCRM Key Attribute Profiling enables you to build a detailed profile of your customers and prospects over the course of the relationship. Use these attributes to mine your database, selecting the companies, people, or leads most likely to find your message of interest. Include these attributes in your reports and queries to better understand what drives the company's business.

Using the trade show campaign example again, you might decide to set up key attributes to track specific product or service interests that you discuss with prospects at the show. You could then report on these interests to tailor future marketing campaigns toward these interests.


List Management

The SageCRM Target List functionality gives you the ability to create, modify, and save lists of people, companies, or leads based on criteria you define. Your criteria can be broad, such as all companies in a particular state, or narrow, such as distributors in the state of Tennessee with revenues over a certain amount. You can even define the sort order of how your list is displayed and include Key Attributes in your selection. You're able to exclude or add individual members to your list at any time. Once you've defined the criteria for your targeted list's members you can create documents, send e-mail messages, schedule tasks, and more.

Companies recognize that marketing lists are valuable assets. With SageCRM you can capitalize on this asset. Save the list and re-use successful campaign lists. You even can import purchased lists. Built-in mail merge functionality allows you to merge various marketing documents with your targeted customer lists.


E-mail Management

E-mail is a preferred marketing communication method by many companies, and SageCRM makes it easy to distribute mass e-mail. Use one of the many global templates, modifying an existing template to suit your needs, or design a completely custom e-mail template. Send HTML e-mail and include attachments with your e-mail messages. E-mail messages sent by SageCRM are stored in each person's history, ensuring that you have a complete record of your communications.


Outbound Call Management

Traditional outbound marketing calls still have real value for many organizations. The Outbound Call Management feature within SageCRM is tailored to high-volume telemarketing units working from lists. Calls are not pre-allocated to individual users and a communications record is only created when a successful contact is made. This feature makes it easy to schedule follow-up calls at times convenient for your prospects or customers.

By dynamically allocating calls to your telemarketing staff as they become available, users' personal task lists are not burdened by hundreds of campaign-based scheduled calls, and a particular user's call won't be overlooked if that individual is out ill or on vacation.

It is possible to integrate your phone system with SageCRM using the computer telephone interface or CTI feature. CTI will automatically dial your customers when you click on their phone number within the system and it will display your customer profile when they call.


Marketing Evaluation Tools

The robust reporting engine within SageCRM ensures the data you've collected is easily accessible. Budget versus cost analyses are easily created, allowing you to focus your energy and resources on the activities that pay off. You can view the status of your campaigns at any time and analyze those campaigns by lead source or other details.

It's an easy task to design, build, and track campaigns within SageCRM. Your marketing team can analyze demographic information, allowing them to launch targeted direct marketing campaigns. Marketing managers can assign, schedule, and track various marketing activities within a campaign. Keep the history of each campaign to allow you to replicate successes and refine those campaigns that did not deliver.


Central Communications Portal

With SageCRM you can track all marketing communications in one centralized location. By giving everyone access to notes and actual documents sent to or received from your prospects, you can ensure everyone is working from the same information. In this way you provide clear, consistent communication with your customers and prospects-inspiring confidence in and loyalty to your organization.


Marketing success increases with greater understanding of your marketplace, your prospects, and your customers-and information leads to this understanding. SageCRM collects and stores the information that anyone responsible for marketing needs to launch successful campaigns, generate leads, monitor budgets, track campaign performance, and capitalize on feedback. Call us for more information about the marketing power of SageCRM.


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