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Streamline Returns With The Sage MAS 90 ERP - RMA Module


Competition for new customers seems to get stiffer every day, and you must work harder than ever to keep existing customers happy. A necessary component of good customer service is accepting returns or exchanges. Your customers expect it, appreciate it, and tend to buy from those vendors who offer a flexible return policy. You must ensure that this process is handled efficiently and accurately, both for your protection and for your customers' satisfaction. The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) module for Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP makes it easy to handle every aspect of a return.


The Power Of RMA
Without the RMA module, return processing can be cumbersome. Maybe you create a negative sales order and add to it the items to be returned. But there's no reliable way to then analyze what returns you have open and what status they're in. In addition to the extra work and inefficient workflow, without a dedicated system for handling returns, you may miss important trends in the sales or production process, potentially costing you money and customers.

With the RMA module, you can track the reasons behind your return activity and take appropriate action. The RMA module allows you to determine if an item is returned frequently, if stock from a particular vendor needs frequent repairs, or if a particular customer seems to abuse your return policy.

Full automation of the process assures customer returns are turned around rapidly. Even cash flow can improve when returns are handled efficiently.


Centralized Returns Management

The RMA module streamlines the process of authorizing and receiving returns, and the seamless integration with the other Sage MAS 90 modules helps to keep inventory accurate and provides a complete workflow for items to be repaired, replaced, or returned.

The power of the RMA module starts with a customer request to make a return. You can generate return merchandise authorization documents to acknowledge the return and provide personalized instructions for the customer.

Generating a Return Merchandise Authorization is simple. From the RMA module Entry task you can elect to return an entire invoice, only selected items from an invoice, or selected items from different invoices. Each item on the return may be assigned a different reason. For example, one item may have been damaged in shipping, while another was the wrong color.

Once you have the products being returned in the RMA document, each item will require further action. You may be issuing a credit, sending a replacement item, repairing and returning the item, or sending it on to the supplier for repair. You can do all these things right from the RMA Entry screen.does not include the information you need, you can add additional tabs to hold data specific to your company’s operations.


Customer Actions

You can credit the customer's account or apply it to their credit card. Returns with replacement requests can be exchanged for the same item or an alternate item. A single entry marks an item for repair, and provides customer return instructions. The appropriate documents, such as a sales order for replacement items, can be automatically generated.


Item Actions

You can return items to a designated return warehouse or the original selling warehouse. Unusable items can be sent to a scrap warehouse. Repair items are sent to a repair warehouse, fixed, and returned to the customer.


Vendor Actions

When the Purchase Order module is integrated with RMA, vendor actions of return for credit or replacement can be assigned to each item. The appropriate documents can be automatically created during the RMA transaction generation process.


Cross Shipments

When a customer has an urgent need, a replacement product may be shipped to the customer immediately, without waiting for the customer to send the unwanted item back. Cross shipments are initiated by clicking on the Xpress Order Entry button from within RMA Data Entry. This creates a new Sales Order populated with the urgently requested item and the customer data. Cross shipping not only results in faster delivery times-it can dramatically increase customer satisfaction levels.


Restocking Fees And Warranties

You can assign a restocking fee by product line or even by individual item. You have the flexibility to waive the restocking fee for selected customers at the time of RMA entry.

The RMA module automatically calculates warranty expiration dates based on your setup in Inventory Management. Operators processing returns will be alerted to any expired warranties and can opt to extend the warranty if appropriate.

If there are some items for which you don't allow returns under any circumstances, you can select an option in Returns Allowed in Inventory to not allow returns for the item.


Reason Tracking And Analysis

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the RMA module is the insight you can gain into the reasons for returns. You may find that a large percentage of defective items come from a particular vendor and change your supplier as a result. If a manufactured item is often returned for defects in the finish, you can replace tools or materials involved in the process. The Return Reason Report supplies the information you need to quickly identify product faults and take corrective action to eliminate repeat returns.


An Integrated Solution

The RMA module requires the Sales Order and Inventory modules for operation, and optionally integrates with Purchase Order to automate vendor returns.


If you would like to process claims faster, track inventory with greater accuracy, and optimize customer service performance, no matter how many returns appear at your door, now is the time to take a closer look at the RMA module. Give us a call to schedule a demonstration.


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