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New StarShip Freight Module Expands Shipping Options


In today's global business world, transporting goods near and far is part of every business that makes or distributes products. For large orders or large bulky items, parcel delivery services are not the answer-these items are considered freight and must be delivered by truck. The upcoming release of StarShip v10 adds functionality that allows you to automate the time-consuming process of freight shipping.

The new StarShip Freight module handles larger shipments in two categories: Truckload (TL) and Less-than-Truckload (LTL).

LTL is ideal for shipments between 100 and 15,000 pounds. LTL works well for odd shaped and sized items as well. All the same service options offered by small package carriers are available, along with some additional services. If you've only shipped via small package carriers such as UPS or FedEx Ground, you may find you can save money by using LTL for larger shipments of more than 100 pounds.

Let's learn more about the new StarShip Freight module.


StarShip Freight

The new StarShip Freight module handles everything you need to be able to ship a partial or full truckload-from rate shopping for freight carriers, to document printing and billing-all from a single powerful screen.


User-Friendly Interface

With StarShip Freight, data entry for your shipments takes place within the StarShip user interface, rather than in Sage MAS 90 ERP. This provides one central location from which to conduct all your shipping activity.

Handy tabs on the StarShip Freight screen give you quick access to all the functions and to Sage MAS 90.

From the Shipment tab you can see several views of the items in the shipment. One view, the Bill Of Lading view, shows you how the information will appear on the printed Bill of Lading (BOL) form.

From the MAS 90 tab, you can select one or more Sage MAS 90 sales orders from a drop-down list. If you have more than one Sage MAS 90 company set up, you can select a sales order from any of your companies from the list.

From tabs on the StarShip Freight screen you can display the item detail from the original order and you can place items into boxes and onto pallets, you can even assign lot and serial numbers right from this screen.


Gets The Best Rate

One of the most time-consuming tasks when shipping via truck is calling the various carriers for rate quotes. StarShip has partnered with® so you can quickly obtain the best possible rate. There are no setup or transaction fees, and as an added benefit you can track the status of your shipments online.

Use the Quote tab and the system shops for rates for you from more than 50 of the top national and regional carriers.


Prints Required Documents

StarShip can automatically print all the paperwork required for the shipment using data drawn from Sage MAS 90. It can print both package and pallet labels, and the required Bill of Lading (BOL) document.

The Bill of Lading is a legal document required when shipping freight by truck, and it is used by freight carriers to track the transit of goods. It contains: header information such as ship-from, ship-to, and bill-to addresses; and item information such as weight and class.

StarShip supports the printing of two types of Bills of Lading: the Straight format, and the VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards) format. The VICS Bill of Lading document, commonly required in the retail industry, was created to establish a uniform format and to facilitate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transmission of BOL data.

When you have completed the transaction, StarShip Freight prints the invoice and updates the Sage MAS 90 system.


Flexible Options

For customers who have existing relationships with LTL carriers and/or third-party logistics companies, you can still use StarShip Freight. StarShip will retrieve the item information from Sage MAS 90 in order to produce the BOL, print package and pallet labels, and create the invoice. StarShip provides for setup of a third-party logistics company, and will print the associated information on the BOL as well.

StarShip Freight also supports sending more than one Sage MAS 90 order in an LTL shipment. Both order numbers appear on the BOL. When StarShip creates the invoices for the orders in Sage MAS 90, it divides the freight amount equally between the orders in that shipment.


Give us a call if you are interested in exploring whether LTL shipping with StarShip Freight is right for your organization.


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