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Streamline Payroll With Sage TimeSheet


The Sage Abra HRMS solution offers not only comprehensive and powerful human resource management and payroll solutions but also tight integration with Sage TimeSheet. In this article, we'll take a look at how Sage TimeSheet works with Sage Abra HRMS to increase the productivity of your staff and improve the accuracy of your payroll processing.


A Web-Based Solution


Sage TimeSheet is a Web-based time and expense tracking system, and is particularly useful to organizations in the healthcare, financial, and professional services industries, and any company employing knowledge workers who spend much of their time working on a computer. This Web-based entry option is also ideal if you have a dispersed workforce or multiple office locations. If your staff regularly submit expenses for reimbursement, employees can enter both their timesheets and their expenses in the same interface.


Time Entry Alternatives


Sage TimeSheet offers three different Views from which employees can enter their time. You can decide which views to use based on the workflow of your organization.

The Time Sheet View displays a list of tasks assigned to the employee. Entering time is as simple as clicking the cell representing the correct date and task. The spreadsheet look and feel provides an easy, intuitive interface.

The Day View presents a desktop calendar where rows represent the hours of the workday. The range of time displayed is customizable for each employee. For example, you might choose to have the Day View display the hours from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM in half-hour increments. Employees simply click on the appropriate row, and a dialog box opens allowing the employee to enter the details of their time entry.

The Time Card View allows employees to enter start and stop times for a specified day and task. The program then calculates the elapsed time. This view is useful for organizations that must capture start and stop times.

Time entries recorded in one view are visible from any of the other views; employees can select the entry view most appropriate at the time.

Hours can be recorded by location, organization level, department, project, and profit center. Overtime, vacation, holidays, and sick hours can be recorded for each employee. User-definable pay rules can be created to ensure that employees enter data accurately.


Flexible Approval Process


With Sage TimeSheet the approval process allows for multiple approval steps, and can be configured to match your company's procedures and policies. E-mail notifications (using SMTP) can be generated to alert employees, managers, and administrators about timesheets that do not meet the defined criteria. E-mail notifications include approval process steps as well as payroll and un-submitted time reminders. If your employees divide their time between multiple projects, individual project managers can review and approve the hours and expenses for the projects they manage.


Expense Tracking


Sage TimeSheet can automatically capture employee expenses for easy reimbursement and reporting. Employees can record mileage, tolls, travel, office supplies, and other user-definable expenditures. A description and general ledger code also can be entered for use by the Sage Abra Payroll module.


Convenient Expense Entry


Spreadsheet-style data entry is speedy and convenient. Most of us are familiar and adept with this type of data entry where we can press the Enter key to quickly save an entry and move to the next cell. In the Expense Sheet View, you can enter your expenses directly into an entry grid completely separate from time-sheet entry. Rows represent tasks and columns represent dates. If you need details about the expense codes or expense groups associated with the task, simply expand the task cell to display the details.


Informative Reports


Sage TimeSheet Abra Edition includes built-in reports designed to help your payroll department identify and resolve errors and exceptions quickly and easily. Missing Time, Employee Timesheet, Activity Analysis, and Exception reports can be printed in detail or summary. Supervisors can define their own pay-rule exception criteria for the Exception report such as Incomplete Information, and these exceptions will automatically appear on the report. Custom reports can also be created using Crystal Reports' or Microsoft Excel.


Sage Abra Payroll Integration


The Sage TimeSheet Job Scheduler allows the payroll administrator to automatically transfer information from employee timesheets and expense sheets into the Sage Abra Payroll module. The information captured and transferred includes earnings codes, labor allocations, and expenses. Earnings codes can be automatically mapped to the Sage Abra Payroll module to update accruals and provide a seamless audit trail. Sage TimeSheet provides documented compliance that meets DCAA Contract Audit standards, assuring labor hours are accurately verified with a date and time stamp.


We would be happy to help you learn more about Sage TimeSheet; just give us a call.


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