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Sage Abra Suite 7.6 And Sage HRMS 8.3
Offer A Wide Range Of Enhancements


Sage Software released Sage Abra Suite version 7.6 and Sage Abra HRMS version 8.3 this summer. The new versions are Microsoft Vista compatible and add key capabilities to a broad selection of Sage Abra modules. The features added in this release have been designed to improve usability, enhance security, and assure compliance with current government regulations.

Abra eRecruiter, Abra Benefits Enrollment, Abra HR, Abra Attendance, Abra Link, and Abra OrgPlus receive updates in both Abra Suite 7.6 and Abra HRMS 8.3 releases. The Sage Abra Suite version 7.6 release benefits from enhancements to Abra Payroll and the Abra MAS 90 Link.


Abra eRecruiter


Powerful new features and tighter integration with Abra HR make finding and hiring qualified candidates easier than ever. Here's an overview of the new capabilities.


Resume Keyword Search

You can identify a specific word or group of words and search resumes for occurrences; eRecruiter displays the occurrences of the word or words within the document.


SSN/SIN Masking

For privacy purposes, Abra eRecruiter now masks Social Security and Social Insurance Numbers from the view of those not set up as Recruiters.


Improved Workflow

Enhanced workflow allows hiring managers to receive multiple applications and resumes from recruiters and search for applicants by requisition. They can then send the recruiter notification of which applicants they have selected and rejected.


E-mail Templates

You now can create and use e-mail templates to generate e-mails to multiple applicants, such as an acknowledgement of receipt of application, rejection letters, and offer letters.


Online Applications And Screening

You can allow applicants to search open positions, submit resumes, and fill out applications on the Web. You can add requisition-specific screening questions to ensure more qualified candidates.


Abra HR Integration

When using Abra eRecruiter to manage employee transfers and promotions, that information can now be updated to the employee record in Abra HR automatically.


Activate Archived Profiles

Now, when an applicant logs into the system with an existing e-mail address after their applicant profile has been archived, the applicant profile and application will be re-activated, and history will be updated to show that the applicant was automatically activated by the system.


Abra Benefits Enrollment

Like Abra e-Recruiter, Abra Benefits Enrollment leverages the power of an Internet-based solution for employee access to benefit information. The following new features have been added in this release.

* When employees finalize their enrollment selections, they are now date and time stamped. This reduces delays and streamlines the enrollment process.

* Export in CSV format: administrators can export enrollment data in the .csv (comma-separated values) format that Microsoft Excel can readily read and save as .xls files.

* Employees Notifications: you can now generate a notification to employees if the enrollment is incomplete or invalid.


Abra OrgPlus


In this release, Abra OrgPlus receives enhancements allowing you to easily manage organizational changes, create professional charts, and communicate them to appropriate staff.


Tree Panel Reorganization

New tree panel controls allow you to quickly add, delete, edit, promote, and demote records without navigating a cumbersome organization chart. The simple drag-and-drop controls make any cross-department change quick and easy.


Merging Organizations Made Easy

A new merge chart feature allows you to automatically merge two organizational plans into a single chart. This feature can allow you to complete a company reorganization that previously took days in just minutes.


Multiple Reporting Relationships

It is becoming more and more common for employees to have multiple managers; Abra OrgPlus now can automatically detect alternate managers and include them as a list in the box of the employee.


Insert Comments

A new Insert Comment feature allows you to easily add notes relating to a box, branch, or your entire chart. You can share your charts with comments using the OrgPlus Reader.


Enhanced HTML Publishing

Abra OrgPlus HTML publishing now offers a new search function, more sophisticated toolbars and panels, and improvements to printing quality. Users can now download an OrgPlus file directly from an HTML page for simplified chart sharing and editing.


Chart Printing Changes

Enhanced control over the scaling of master page elements when printing charts allows you to make graphics such as logos and titles remain the same size.

New ready-to-use charts make it easy to publish key business and HR metrics. Use any of the management reports to turn your HR data into workforce intelligence. The new templates include: Headcount Report by Department and Succession Plan, among others.


More Powerful Profile Views

Conditional formatting has been added to profile views so that you can dynamically format your data to bring attention to certain employee information, such as your top performers. You now can combine multiple profile views into a single, composite profile view and define rules to hide and show individual profile views.


Automatic E-mail Distribution

When your organizational changes are complete, new features allow you to easily communicate them to appropriate personnel. You can define e-mail distribution groups and automatically send your up-to-date org charts, either on a scheduled basis or at the push of a button.


Other Enhancements


Abra HR

Abra HR has been updated to support the 2007 EEOC category changes, which must be included on EEO-1 reports effective September 30, 2007. There are new categories for both ethnicity and job level.


Abra Attendance

The new release adds the ability to track FLMA absences on a rolling 12-month basis. You will be able to calculate the number of weeks of unpaid time during any 12-month period, not just by calendar or fiscal year.


Abra Link

The Abra Link allows you to quickly exchange data with other payroll or HR systems. The link has been expanded with the following capabilities. The link now can look at the effective date of the benefits and send over the amounts as of that date. If an invalid path to the output file is entered, Abra Link sends a message explaining why a file could not be created. Abra Link now will verify that a record being imported matches the change reason in Abra. If the change reason does not match, the system will not update the record. You can now choose to include terminated employees, the termination date, and the termination reason in the export file.


Abra Payroll

In Sage Abra Suite version 7.6, Abra Payroll complies with California Labor code 226, providing the ability to display the pay rate and factor with the paycheck or payment advice document. The ability to manage gross wages for multiple states also has been added. This supports employees working in multiple states during the same year. You also can void a check on a specific date during an open quarter.


Sage Abra-Sage MAS 90 Link

The Abra MAS 90 Link is compatible with Sage MAS 90 ERP v4.2 in Sage Abra Suite version 7.6. Enhancements to the link include the ability to populate state unemployment insurance, the opportunity to transfer terminated employees in the current year, and the ability to select employees to transfer by department.


System Level Changes


Security is improved with the ability to create complex passwords. Passwords can be up to 10 characters in length, with support for numeric, uppercase and lowercase characters, and some special characters.


Both Sage Abra Suite 7.6 and Sage Abra HRMS 8.3 are compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. Crystal Reports has been updated to version 10 in both new versions. The software includes two user licenses for Crystal Reports v10. Existing custom reports will need to be upgraded to the new version; give us a call if you require assistance.

And please call us with any questions you may have regarding upgrading to Sage Abra Suite version 7.6 or Sage Abra HRMS 8.3.


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