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Finding Qualified Employees - A Growing Challenge


Are you finding it harder to find and recruit talented, qualified employees? If so, you are not alone. A recent study by i4cp (Institute for Corporate Productivity) found over 57 percent of managers surveyed are already experiencing talent shortages, and 82 percent believe it will present a major problem over the next decade. This is not surprising when you consider that according to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, more than a quarter of the current working U.S. population will reach retirement age by 2010.

If talent shortages are here to stay, how can HR professionals ensure their organization has the qualified personnel they need to continue to succeed in the marketplace? There are really only two choices: ramp-up recruitment efforts to hire the right talent or build a strong training program to develop people internally.

The most successful organizations will have the vision to invest in both options. And if you are using Sage Abra HRMS, you are ahead of the competition, as you already have the software technologies needed to support your efforts.

The Web-based Abra eRecruiter module is process-oriented and provides streamlined recruitment, whether managed by HR professionals or dedicated recruiters. The Abra Train module has all the tools you need to cost effectively run a training program, track certifications, and manage enrollment. Let’s learn more about these powerful Sage Abra modules.


Abra Train

Abra Train is designed to provide complete management of internal training, from prerequisites, enrollment and logistics, to employee certification, diplomas, and renewal dates. With Abra Train, you have the tools you need to build a robust training program to help move your loyal employees to the next level in the organization. Highlights of the Abra Train module include:

* Enrollment and Tracking: Schedule attendance, manage class rosters, check class capacities and course prerequisites, and automatically assign employees to job-based training requirements.

* Program Management: Define curricula that employees must complete in order to achieve desired levels of competency.

* Certifications: Keep records of professional certifications and continuing education credits.

* Manage Program Costs: Use built-in analysis tools to compute training costs by employee and allocate them accurately and equitably.

* Reporting: Dozens of standard reports include employee certifications, training history, class rosters, and tuition reimbursements, as well as analyses such as expenses by course, job title, and organizational level.

* Integration: Abra Train seamlessly integrates with Abra HR, allowing you to assign training requirements to promoted employees. When implemented with Abra ESS, employees can access course catalogs and personal training information online.


Abra eRecruiter

Abra eRecruiter helps you locate qualified applicants faster with a searchable applicant database and the ability to post new requisitions immediately to your company Web site. A single well-organized Web page allows recruiters to quickly review applicants and forward them to hiring managers for review. Role-based functionality provides everyone involved in the recruiting process with access to specific features based on their job function.


Internal And Public Career Centers

eRecruiter allows you to create and customize an online career center on your corporate Web site. Simple configuration tools make it easy to add custom text and links to Web pages. Applicants can view open positions, submit resumes, and fill out applications online. An internal career center option allows employees to search and apply for jobs and refer applications for open positions. Abra eRecruiter integrates with, instantly giving thousands of candidates access to your postings.


Requisition Management

Create new requisitions using templates or from scratch, route them to approvers for review, and post them on the web. Once final approval has been received, the requisition is posted to the public career center.


Built-in Workflow

Often the most time-consuming part of recruitment is the internal paper trail. eRecruiter ensures a fast, paperless recruiting process by including a variety of workflow options. Approved requisitions are posted to the career center; applicants are routed to recruiters for review; qualified applicants are routed to hiring managers, and so on. Each routing action is automatically updated in the database to provide current status at any point in time.


Online Applications And Screening

You can allow applicants to search open positions, submit resumes, and fill out applications on the Web. You can add requisition-specific screening questions to ensure more qualified candidates.


Abra eRecruiter features comprehensive paperless workflows, role-driven functionality, and intuitive configuration that makes it easy to meet your unique needs. Give us a call with your questions about the Abra Train and Abra eRecruiter modules.


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