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Sage Abra Toolkit


Every business is unique, and that means workflow processes are unique as well. Sage Abra HRMS is a powerful collection of tools for acquiring and managing human resources. Did you know you can tailor it to meet the demands of your organization? Rather than adjust your internal workflow to match the software, you can adjust the software to match your workflow. To meet your organization's specific requirements, you can use the Sage Abra Toolkit module to customize menus, processes, actions, reports, toolbars, panels, and fields. Let's take a closer look.


Quick Access To Needed Functions

The Sage Abra Quick Launch Toolbar can be customized with Abra Toolkit to provide quick access to the programs you use most. You can add buttons to launch frequently-used tasks and even Web sites, such as Choose a bitmap for the button from the collection built into Sage Abra or use your own. You can delete buttons you don't use, and even change bitmaps to make them more intuitive for your organization. If you have whole new programs that have been created using the Abra Developer's Toolkit, you can add these to the application sidebar. Using the Abra Toolkit, you can design a workspace that precisely matches your organization's needs.


Add New Fields

If there is special employee information that you need to track, you can add new fields. For example, you could add a field or fields to track equipment issued to an employee such as a BlackBerry or Pocket PC handheld device. The new fields can even include calculations.


Modify Menus And Panels

Sage Abra HRMS has many screens and functions, and for some users the number of choices may be daunting. Using Abra Toolkit, you can design menus and panels that present only the information the user needs, and in an order that makes the most sense. If you always begin your processing in the third panel of a task, you can move it to be the first panel you see when you start the task. This saves time and makes it easier to train new staff. You can even add panels to track special information unique to your business.

The panels you add also can be at the employer level. Perhaps you have a company credit card or list of emergency contacts that should only be accessible to certain staff. You can add these fields to a panel and secure them appropriately.


Change Actions And Processes

Using the Abra Toolkit, you can create new actions for employees, applicants, and requisitions. In this way you can truly customize Sage Abra's workflow to match that of your organization. You can add, remove, and change the order of steps within actions. To continue with the example above, you can add a step to record the serial number of equipment issued to the employee in the Record New Hire action. Once this step is added, users will be prompted to complete the data fields as a routine part of recording a new hire.


Customized Reporting

With the Crystal Reports module included in Sage Abra HRMS, you can create custom reports to meet your requirements. Perhaps your industry has special government reporting needs or a union contract that requires a specific report. Your custom reports can easily be added to the reports menu using the Abra Toolkit. To make it quicker and easier to find reports, you also can remove reports you don't use and reorder existing reports.


Security And Integration

With Abra Toolkit, you can define which groups have permission to access your custom fields and panels from the Group Security page.


The power of Abra Toolkit extends to Abra HR, Abra Payroll, and Abra Train, providing broad flexibility in tailoring the system to meet your needs. The Abra Toolkit is compatible with Sage Abra HRMS version 8.1 and above, and both the U.S. and Canadian editions of Sage Abra Suite. If you’re looking for new ways to put Sage Abra HRMS to work for your organization, please give us a call.


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